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Chin Fillers

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Chin Augmentation

A weak chin can affect anyone, and though it can cause physical problems, it is more likely to just increase self-consciousness. The psychological effects are largely down to media portrayal of a strong jawline as an attractive feature in both men and women.  An initial consultation will help us understand your needs and wishes for chin filler or augmentation, and we will advise on a treatment that best suits you.

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Weak Chin Treatments

A recessive or small chin can be genetic or a birth injury or due to direct trauma to the lower jaw bone. There are a variety of ways to alter the appearance of the jaw, whether through surgery, orthodontics, implants, or dermal fillers.

The non-surgical chin augmentation procedure is the preferred option for patients who want to achieve significant improvement without the pain, risk and lengthy recovery time associated with surgery. Chin augmentation will completely define your profile, improve your jaw definition and reduce marionette lines and improve the jaw to neck contours.

Treatment Summary

Results may vary from person to person

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recommended No. of Treatments



Not Required

Side Effects

infection,brusining ,swelling,soreness,asymetry



Duration Of Results

12 - 18 months

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Full Recovery

24 hours

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