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The RiverLift

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When you imagine beauty, what do you think?

Self-confidence, inner strength, total independence, intelligent thinking, a sense of adventure. At River Aesthetics, we empower people to age well and feel great. Collagen and confidence ebb with age. River Aesthetic’s Drs Manning and Woodward pioneered The RiverLift as the ultimate non-surgical aesthetic procedure to lift and tighten the face and neck by combining innovative thread technologies, and next generation dermal filler techniques to address the signs of ageing in a beautiful, natural way.

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What makes the RiverLift so special?

It is completely tailored to you; no two treatments are the same, it redefines your facial contours and ignites the body’s own natural collagen production, it is a simple, non-surgical procedure taking less than 60 minutes, but lasting up to 18 months. It is performed by two of the UK’s leading thread doctors. Some of the best results and impact of the RiverLift are achieved through: redefined jaw line and reduced jowls, less evident nose to mouth lines, increased volume in the mid face and contour of cheek, rejuvenated neck by tightening laxity and reduced crêpey skin.

Treatment Summary

Results may vary from person to person

Procedure Time

90 minutes

Recommended No. of Treatments




Side Effects

Infection, bruising, swelling, soreness, asymmetry and allergy


Lifting effect visible immediately, rejuvenation effect at 3 months

Duration Of Results

18 - 24 months

Back To Work

2 - 3 days for most patients however can be some bruising

Full Recovery

14 days

Look revitalised, feel more confident

River Aesthetics is an award winning medical aesthetics practice (2017 Aesthetic Awards).  It was founded by two female doctors; Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward, both formerly GPs, with over 45 years of combined medical and aesthetics experience.  The doctors have built their reputation as two of the most experienced and skilled thread lift specialists in the UK.

The RiverLift was pioneered by the founding partners of River Aesthetics. The treatment is renowned for its subtle, yet stunning results, with patients and celebrity fans including A list actresses and make up artists endorsing their expert touch.  Household names including Anthea Turner, Victoria Pendleton and Meg Matthews have all been treated by River Aesthetics.

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