Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

The skin you have always dreamed of

We all love to have vibrant, youthful, clear and hydrated looking skin which is radiant and resilient to the elements. Many of us seek alternatives to invasive treatments to maintain a healthy complexion and at River Aesthetics, we are excited to offer a unique and innovative, non-surgical treatment to bring you the skin you have always dreamed of – The oxygen facial.

Signature Facials

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials require no recovery time so they are perfect for red-carpet events, many celebrities choose them as their preferred skin treatments. Enquire about our signature oxygen facials; REJUVENATE, OPULENCE, ATOXELENE, CLARITY.

Desirial is a simple, complementary and safe treatment that provides real comfort to patients during their everyday lives and is a simple, complementary and safe treatment that provides real comfort to patients during their everyday lives.

Desirial can be used to rejuvenate the labia majora, conceal the labia minora for a more symmetrical and proportional appearance and improve dryness.


How does this treatment work?

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial used hyperbaric oxygen to promote the delivery of hyaluronic acid and serums into the skin.

How long does the treatment take?

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial takes around 60 minutes.

When will I see results of this treatment?

The results of the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial are immediate.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Firm, lifts and improves overall skin texture and tone.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How often should I have this treatment done?

For optimum continued results, regular monthly sessions are recommended.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
60 Minutes
Recommended No. of Treatments
As Required
Not Required
Side Effects
Duration of Results
1 Week
Back to Work
Full Recovery

Treatment Results

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Expert Comment

Jessica Sedgwick

Intraceuticals Oxygen facial

‘The Oxygen facial is our pre event treatment, loved by celebs. Using a 3-step layering process of different sized molecules of hyaluronic acid your skin is hydrated, plumped and refreshed. The ideal facial for any event.’

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