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Obagi and Prescription Skincare

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You’ve seen the anti-ageing skin care claims, in newspapers, magazines, and even online. You have been offered ‘hope in a jar’, but no matter how skincare brands are being hyped, many of them do not deliver the results they promise. Why? Simply because they are ‘cosmetics’ and therefore, unlike pharmaceuticals or prescription-only products, they are not able to penetrate through the epidermis and affect the structure and function of the skin.

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Obagi is different!

Obagi is the world’s leading prescription-strength skincare range, and is only available from a qualified medical practitioner. Every Obagi product has been researched thoroughly and clinically tested. With a wide range of products suitable for all skin types you’ll be amazed at how your skin can be transformed – brighter, clearer, softer, smoother, firmer and naturally younger! We will work with you to develop a comprehensive skincare plan, with targeted treatments and products for you to use at home to get the best results for your individual needs. Find out more about the Obagi skincare range.

Swiss Code

The Swiss are renowned for their innovative, cutting edge skincare. Swiss Code consists of high potency concentrates and plant cell serums which actively decode the ageing process. Free from parabens, preservatives and alcohol, Swiss code delivers visibly radiant results without irritation.

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