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The Number One Clinic for Muscle Toning Treatment

Here at River Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer patients the truSculpt® flex treatment to help them achieve the ideal look for their muscles. Our team aim to exceed expectations by working closely with you to help produce your dream appearance. Continue reading to learn more about this specialised treatment and find out why our team are such a highly sought after cosmetic clinic.

We have been operating for many years, and over time have established ourselves as a leading clinic. All of our staff have a long history in the medical industry and have a wealth of experience regarding cosmetic work. Thanks to the skill of our team, we’re confident in being able to meet the needs of all customers. As a result of our years of success, we’ve become the go-to clinic for those looking to undergo muscle sculpting.

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What Can You Expect From Our truSculpt® flex Procedure?

Muscle toning can be difficult to attain naturally, which is why many patients opt for cosmetic surgery to help achieve a certain look. To make sure this treatment is effective, it is essential for it to be carried out by medical professionals. It is because of this need for a team of experts that so many patients consult with us at River Aesthetics regarding muscle sculpting. We will introduce you to the procedure we carry out and ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Once you have settled on the specifics, our team will arrange a date for you to undergo the truSculpt® flex procedure. The treatment itself is painless and consists of applicators being place in the areas you wish to target. The muscles in these areas are then stimulated so that muscles contract and build tone. Exceptional results can be delivered in only four treatments, with each session taking approximately 45 minutes. The minimal recovery time and lasting effects make this an excellent option.

Our Other Procedures

As well as our muscle toning treatment, we can also carry out a variety of other procedures for patients wishing to enhance their appearance. You can also contact our team regarding:

There are a lot of ways in which patients want to enhance their look, and we want to cater to as many as possible. It is for this reason that we’ve continued to expand the range of procedures we can carry out. Thanks to this skill and flexibility, we’re able to deliver more than just the exceptional truSculpt® flex treatment. If you’re interested in a particular procedure, be sure to reach out to our friendly team who will provide further information.

Why Come to Us for Muscle Sculpting?

While delivering first-class treatment is vital, we at River Aesthetics also want to provide high-quality service to our patients. As such, we go above and beyond at every opportunity by being friendly and courteous at all times. If you find yourself with any queries, rest assured our team will be able to provide the required information. In fact, we are the first clinic to be carrying out the highly sought after truSculpt® flex procedure in the UK and Europe.

Over time, we have built up an enviable reputation thanks to our success. We’ve left many patients wholly satisfied with our procedures, and as such, have received a lot of positive feedback. You can read through some of these impressive reviews by visiting our Trustpilot page. After reading through these reviews, you’re sure to be convinced that we are the best team to go to for muscle toning treatment.

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So, if you’d like to take advantage of the excellent truSculpt® flex procedure, be sure to get in touch with our team at River Aesthetics on 01202 024 060.

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