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We all dream of having the perfect body, but we shouldn’t have to destroy ourselves with intense workouts and extreme diets to achieve it. Here at River Aesthetics, we offer a revolutionary muscle sculpting solution that will get you results without having to do all the work. Our clinic is the first in the UK and Europe to offer truSculpt® flex treatments. To book a consultation call 01202 024060.

Body Sculpting Treatments That Will Deliver Amazing Results

Have you always aspired to have an athletic physique but don’t have time to put the hours in at the gym? Well, by coming to River Aesthetics, you will be able to take advantage of a non-invasive procedure that has limited availability in the UK. The truSculpt® flex procedure uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to help tone muscles across your body, abdominal muscles, thighs, arms, calves and buttocks.

Our truSculpt® flex treatments consist of three treatment options and you can focus on eight muscle groups at a time. Prep mode warms up the muscles with a twisting motion and prepares them for the toning contractions. Tone mode is when the chosen muscles are stimulated by contracting, holding and then releasing, building endurance and strength. Sculpt mode emits fast contractions repetitively, building muscle fibres and creating more definition in the area.

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How Long Does the Treatment Take?

As far as body sculpting treatments go, the truSculpt® flex uses up very little of your time. In fact, we can treat up to eight muscle groups in a single session, which should last around 45 minutes. When the contractions begin, you’ll feel a light sensation before a more intense feeling, but trust us when we say you will feel comfortable throughout.

How Many Times Should You Do It?

This all depends on the individual and the areas you want to target. Generally, though, the truSculpt® flex procedure is only required four times and you won’t require any recovery time. In fact, our patients can return to their everyday activities as normal once they have undergone the treatment. You may notice some slight muscle tenderness, but that will only last for 24-72 hours.

Does it Get Rid of Fat?

truSculpt® flex treatments are not designed to remove fat from your body. The purpose of this procedure is to target and tone muscles, but it does increase metabolic rates, which helps individuals burn fat after the treatment.

What Results Should You Expect?

By opting for our body sculpting treatments, you should expect to notice a difference after the second session. However, after your final session, you will see maximum results 8 to 12 weeks afterwards. There are various muscle groups you can choose to strengthen, but the most popular areas of the body that we target are as follows:






Why Choose the truSculpt® flex Procedure at River Aesthetics?

Given that River Aesthetics has been chosen as the first clinic in the UK and Europe to provide patients with truSculpt® flex treatments, you can trust us. There are plenty of benefits of undergoing this treatment, with the main being that you will get a sculpted figure without having to spend hours at the gym. Keep in mind that this particular treatment is safe and approved by the relevant bodies, so you have nothing to worry about!

Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward are the figures behind River Aesthetics, with both accumulating decades of experience in the industry. The pair spent years working as GPs before embarking on the aesthetics sector, which led them to create our fantastic clinics. We offer a range of skin treatments, and now we are proudly offering truSculpt® flex treatments.

As well as providing patients with life-affirming treatments, we also look to educate the younger generation about skincare. So, while we are delighted with the results of our procedures, including truSculpt® flex treatments, we also want to make sure that our patients are aware of skincare.

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