truSculpt® flex for Women

Have you been putting in hours at the gym but are struggling to get the results you want? Well, by coming to River Aesthetics, we have a fantastic solution. truSculpt® flex for women is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that tones your muscles, giving you the body you’ve dreamed of! To book a consultation with one of our doctors, give us a call on 01202 024060.

Looking for Body Treatments for Women? truSculpt® flex Should Top Your List!

Here at River Aesthetics, we are proud to reveal that we are the first clinic in the UK and Europe to offer truSculpt® flex. Many women feel pressure to have the perfect body, but in reality, only minor tweaks are needed to enhance our self-esteem. By choosing our body sculpting treatments for women, you can get the results you’ve been yearning for.

truSculpt® flex for women uses multi-directional stimulation technology to replicate crunches, squats, and twists without you having to move at all! Through the device, low levels of energy are emitted, which results in your muscles contracting and building muscle tone.

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This revolutionary treatment can target up to eight muscle groups at once, with many patients opting to tone the following:






For women, truSculpt® flex is the perfect solution if you don’t have time to undergo regular intense workouts. Rest assured that it is incredibly safe and effective, plus it is proven to increase around 30% of muscle mass in your body. Continue reading to find out more details about this revolutionary treatment!

What is the Process?

When it comes to body sculpting treatments for women, there are many on the market, but none that matches up to the quality of truSculpt® flex. Each treatment is customised to the individual, but there are three modes that are activated throughout the process.

Prep mode involves a twisting motion that warms up the muscles and is the equivalent to stretching before a workout. The next step in truSculpt® flex for women is tone mode, which stimulates the specific areas chosen with the aim of strengthening them. The device will contract, hold and then relax the muscles before entering sculpt mode. This is when fast deep contractions are sent in sequence to build muscle fibres.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

The non-invasive procedure can target eight muscle groups in just one 45-minute session, and for women, truSculpt® flex is only needed about 4 times to get the best results. However, it is worth noting that it all depends on the individual and the outcome that they’re looking for.

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

truSculpt® flex belongs in the list of body sculpting treatments for women; it is not a weight-loss tool. The procedure tones muscles to give you more definition, however it can also help you burn more fat due to an increase in metabolic rates.

Why Choose truSculpt® flex for Women at River Aesthetics?

As we have been chosen to become the first clinic to launch truSculpt® flex for women in the UK and Europe, you can trust in our treatments. You may be considering other body sculpting procedures, but there are plenty of benefits to choosing ours at River Aesthetics. This particular treatment is faster and safer than other methods.

Plus, it is entirely customisable, so each patient will have their treatment personalised to ensure the muscle groups they want to focus on are targeted. Here at River Aesthetics, we consider ourselves to be more than just a clinic for skin and body treatments; we also aim to educate. Trust us when we say that you will be getting so much more than truSculpt® flex for women when you come to our clinic.

Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward are the professional brains behind our clinic. The duo spent years working as GPs before moving into the aesthetics industry. Now, they are highly regarded and have helped build a reputable and respected clinic.

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