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IPL Skin Pigmentation Treatment

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IPL Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Correct pigmentation for clear, glowing skin at River Aesthetics with our M22 laser machine. IPL light treatment targets pigmentation, sun spots and age spots found on the face, décolletage and back of the hands for a clearer complexion. Your skin is safe in our hands.

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How does skin pigmentation treatment work?

The M22 laser machine uses a specific wavelength of light which pulses through the skin’s surface, targeting a specific area in the underlying tissue. In the treatment of pigmentation, the laser causes the pigment to break down into smaller particles, before rising up to the surface of the skin to flake away as part of the body’s natural healing process.

Does the skin pigmentation treatment hurt?

You’ll feel a slight warm sensation, which feels like a flick of an elastic band during the treatment, but the IPL pulses are brief and can be timed for your level of comfort.


What areas can be treated?



How long do the results last for?

Results are long-lasting, but you will need to make sure you’re protecting your skin from further sun and environmental damage to prevent new spots and blemishes appearing.

Additionally, it’s important to note that while the IPL treatment does have a significant impact on pigmentation, it doesn’t stop the natural ageing process – so new spots or age-related blemishes may still appear over time.


Treatment Summary

Results may vary from person to person

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recommended No. of Treatments



Not Required

Side Effects

Mild redness and darkening of lesion before it flakes off


2-4 weeks

Duration Of Results

Dependant on person

Back To Work


Full Recovery


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