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Have you been searching for an accredited clinic after discovering the benefits of silhouette thread lifts? Poole, you have come to the right place. River Aesthetics was integral in pioneering this procedure, so you can book with confidence. Call us now on 01202 024 060 to discuss suitability and arrange for a face to face consultation.

Soft Silhouette Thread Lifts Poole and Bournemouth Patients Will be Amazed by

Welcome to River Aesthetics. You will be in very safe hands if you’re looking to benefit from silhouette thread lifts. Poole patients are in luck because our team pioneered the new techniques in this procedure and we are its global trainers.

This revolutionary procedure will help treat the signs of aging and give you a naturally refreshed appearance that people will immediately notice. Our silhouette thread lifts in Poole are suitable for women and men alike as well as being appropriate for any skin type.

Poole, silhouette thread lifts are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why – achieving facial rejuvenation has never been easier. Our procedure will lift as well as regenerate the middle of the face, the jowls, and the neck for a long lasting effect.

Recent technological innovations have enabled a simple way for achieving a redefined face. With our silhouette thread lifts, Poole patients can enjoy restored volume and reduced wrinkles without the use of incisions or any kind of sedation.

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The Face Lift of the Future

Our discreet treatment only lasts for 60 minutes, so you can pop in during your lunch break and get back to your daily life right away. Silhouette thread lifts in Poole and Bournemouth can be done as a standalone treatment or used in combination with dermal fillers where appropriate.

The threads are made from a clear absorbable polylactic acid that dissolves and stimulates your skin’s collagen production. These threads will be inserted under the skin with a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and lift up problem areas, but no incisions will be made.

A small local anaesthetic will be needed at the entry and exit points of the threads. Once the thread is inserted, slight compression will be applied to the tissue to reshape it and get the desired lifting effect.

The ends of the threads that haven’t been inserted are then cut. The silhouette thread lifts Poole clinic River Aesthetics offers will give a fantastic effect that will last up to 18 months, which can easily be extended further.

There are various parts of the face that can be treated and contoured, Bournemouth. Silhouette thread lifts can be utilised in areas including, but not limited to the:

  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Lower Jaw
  • Neck

Come to River Aesthetics for Silhouette Thread Lifts in Poole

Our excellence was recognised in 2017 when we won the Top Clinic accolade at the Aesthetics Awards. You can therefore book your skin treatment at our clinic with full confidence, knowing that you’re in the safe hands of dedicated and qualified professionals.

From the moment you place your first phone call to our team until you leave our premises, you will get the highest quality care and service. Ours is a truly welcoming environment where you will always be looked after.

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