Get Beach Body Ready

Get Beach Body Ready

Get Beach Body Ready Without all the Hard Work!
River Aesthetics is proud to become the first clinic in the UK and Europe to offer truSculpt® flex to our patients. Have you always dreamed of having toned abs, firm buttocks and sculpted thighs? Well, this muscle-sculpting treatment is designed to get you the results without having to put your body through an intense workout.

A revolutionary and non-invasive treatment, truSculpt® flex can tone up to eight muscle groups at once! By emitting low levels of energy pulses, your muscles will contract, building tone and giving you a body that you will be proud to show off.

Why will you get better results with truSculpt® flex?
Faster and Safer – In 45 minutes, we can treat eight muscle groups! You are guaranteed consistent results due to the truControl technology we use.
Customisable – Whatever your body goal, we can achieve it! We have three treatment mode options for you to choose from.
Muscle Increase – Clinical studies have shown that this treatment adds on average 30% of muscle mass.
Effective – You don’t have to destroy yourself in the gym to get the toned physique you long for.

Take Advantage of Our Latest Offer!

Currently, here at River Aesthetics, we’re offering an incredible introductory offer. This treatment is available for just £1000 as opposed to the usual price of £1750. This offer applies to the first 20 patients to book, so make sure you don’t wait around to avoid missing out on this golden opportunity.

Specifically designed for overachievers, book your Trusculpt flex consultation today by calling us on 01202 024060.

T&C’s apply. The cost is for four treatments which must be paid for in full and taken in March.

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