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Many people live a balanced lifestyle consisting of sensible eating and regular exercise, but sometimes our bodies retain fat that is too stubborn to tone down. Well, here at River Aesthetics, we have a treatment that helps patients lose that section of fat for good. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure for fat freezing. Poole patients will get the figure they desire by undergoing this treatment. To book a consultation, call 01202 024060.

Poole Fat Freezing Method that Gets Results

So, what is CoolSculpting? It is a machine that targets certain areas of the body that contains excess fat, but it is important to note that this isn’t a weight-loss treatment. Our method of fat freezing in Poole is aimed at patients who want to shed some stubborn pounds without having to go down the liposuction route.

CoolSculpting consists of cooling fat cells to a temperature (as low as -11) that leads them to crystallise and die. This process is call apoptosis, and once the cells die, your body’s natural metabolic nature will absorb them and dispose of them through an inflammatory clearing process. There is no doubt that this system is revolutionary when it comes to non-surgical fat freezing, Poole patients.

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What Happens During the Procedure?

Here at River Aesthetics, we make sure that the CoolSculpting process is carried out seamlessly for our patients. One of our practitioners will use the appropriate applicator on the chosen area, and you should feel intense cold during the first few minutes. Our fat freezing in Poole could cause a feeling of suction depending on the applicator used. Once the treatment is over, the area will be massaged, during which you may experience some tingling.

Our fat freezing, Poole patients, should take around 35 minutes per application for larger areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thigh or upper arm. For areas that require the mini attachment, it will take 45 minutes per application. Bear in mind that when you choose River Aesthetics, we will charge the treatment per application rather than per area, with some individuals needing multiple treatments.

Before the Poole fat freezing process begins, our practitioner will mark up the areas that are being targeted before applying gel. We create a relaxed atmosphere at our clinic, so during the treatment you will have access to streaming platforms such as Netflix and TV channels. Food and drink will also be offered.

What Areas of the Body does it Work On?

Here at River Aesthetics, our CoolSculpting machine has four attachments; they include Advantage + for large areas, Advantage for basic, Mini for smaller areas, and Petite for small sections. When you opt for our Poole fat freezing, you should be aware that the machine can be used on the following areas:

  • Thigh
  • Abdomen and Flank (love handles)
  • Submental Area (under the chin)
  • Bra Fat
  • Back Fat and Upper Arm
  • Underneath the Buttocks

Rest assured that our trained and qualified practitioners will be able to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Our Poole fat freezing method is incredibly safe as the CoolSculpting machine has passed rigorous testing. Also, safety measures have been built in so that if the skin gets too cold, the system will automatically switch off.

When Should You Expect Results?

Generally, it takes around 12 weeks for the effects of our CoolSculpting treatment to be realised. It can differ depending on the individual, but it is worth noting that you will be shedding frozen fat cells for up to 4 to 6 months after the treatment.

Why Choose River Aesthetics for Fat Freezing, Poole Patients?

As a leading clinic in cosmetic medicine and aesthetic treatments in London, Hampshire, and Dorset, you can put your full trust in our trained doctors. From skin treatments and vaginal rejuvenation to fat freezing in Poole, we have an array of options for our patients. Our aim is to make subtle enhancements to bring out your natural beauty, giving you the look you desire and the confidence boost you crave.

With regards to CoolSculpting, it is a proven method for fat freezing, Poole patients. Removing that stubborn fat will not only sculpt your figure but it will also increase your self-esteem. Perhaps you have a wedding approaching and want to feel amazing in your dress, or you are working on getting your beach body back! Whatever your reasons, our clinic can help.

You can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we are trained and qualified practitioners that are experienced in providing individuals with varying aesthetic treatments. Fat freezing, Poole patients, is one of many treatments that we offer. Rest assured that we will never pressure you into undergoing a procedure that we don’t think you need. You can expect an honest and transparent approach from River Aesthetics.

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