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Acne & Scarring

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Acne treatment & Scarring

Acne can affect people at many stages of adult life – it’s not just a problem for teenagers. The changes in the skin can have a dramatic effect on confidence and self-esteem so it’s important to treat the skin with high-quality treatments and products to effectively tackle all the underlying issues.

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Improve Your Skin

The most effective topical ingredients for unclogging pores are alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinaldehyde. These help to normalise the exfoliation process inside pores, so helping to prevent blockage of the follicle that can cause blackheads and pimples. Topical application of Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) helps to reduce excess oil flow. Vitamin B3 also calms skin, accelerating healing time. Treating breakouts involves 4 steps: unclogging pores, controlling oil flow, treating acne bacteria (Propionbacterium acnes) and calming irritation. For exceptional results River Aesthetics recommends using Venus Viva.

Tailored Treatment

At River Aesthetics, you will receive a comprehensive skin consultation and a tailored treatment plan, recommending key aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels and mesotherapy, alongside an advanced skincare regime to help address your concerns.

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